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Ninja Saga - All In One

ninja saga hack

  1. Swf -> Link
  2. Fiddler2
  1. Click Like Above 
  2. open Fiddler > Autoresponder > Check ‘Enable Autorespon‘ and ‘Unmatched request
  3. drag the files that you have just downloaded from link above 
  4. Clear browser cache 
  5. Go to ninja saga 
 Features :-
  1. All Instant Mission in Mission Room 
  2. Instant TP Mission
  3. Instant Kill all Boss 
  4. Instant Update Daily Task 
  5. Instant Exam (Chunin, Jounin) Advantages: 
If your level is not eligible, would occur as the image of the first two. If you try to repeat Daily, will occur as images of the 2nd

Durable, meaning not cepet ERROR
 Credits :- -NScp-

Gingerbread Coin And Scratch Card

for Free User (i'm  free user)

Tools :-

  1. SWF - [Link]
  2. Fiddler2

Steps :-

  1. Click Like Above
  2. Drag The Swf Files To Fiddler
  3. Log Into Ninja Saga
  4. Create A Char. And Use mission_1.swf Means Instant tutorial
  5. After You Complete The Tutorial Finish The Scratch  Card And Gingerbread Coin
  6. Do The Steps Again And Again Until You`re Char. Win The Grand Prized Or 1k Token


  • If You Get The 1k , 500 , 50 , 30 , 10 or 5 Token You Can Delete Your Char. And Create New 
  • The Token In Your Char. That You Have Delete Is Not Be Reduce Or Remove
  • Repeat This Steps Until You Get Token
  • The Emblem Hack Is Tempo Only

ninja saga hack

Credits :- 
Steps :- Black KnightS Syndicate
Vidoe :- Flash Force 

Scratch Card Pemanent




Ninja Saga Scratch Cards & Gingerbread Coin

Ingat Draw pake 100 token, token kamu tidak akan berkurang

This was the Glitch I was talking about:

New Year & Christmas Gifts / Ginger Bread Gifts + Rewards + Tokens Glitch

Note: This is not a hack, a glitch made by Ninja Saga to make us all happy :)
This promises to be the best Christmas EVER =D

-Legendary Classics
-Grand Prizes
-Other rewards

-at least 10 tokens to pick a gift


1. Open Ninja Saga
2. Select character -> Play
3. Go to New Year & Christmas Gifts
4. Pick a gift for 10 or 50 or 100 tokens (not with a ginger bread coin)
Do it with 100 tokens -> RECOMMENDED
5. Now you will get an error (Error 2000)
6. Refesh page
7. Select Character -> Play
8. Now your character will have all the rewards that you should have gotten when you picked your gift -> But your tokens will not decrease

For E.g:
If I had 50 tokens
I picked 5 Gift
I got ginger bread coin+10 tokens+3 consumable items
Error 2000 -> Refresh Page
After refresh page -> My tokens will not decrease instead all the reward will be added that I got -> that means now I have 50+10= 60 tokens+1 Ginger Coin+3 consumable items that I got :)

Do this again and again to make your Ninja the Best!

Good Luck for the Grand Prize & the Legendary Classics :)

New Year Clothing 2012

Download file
SWF 2012


Tools: Charles


1. Click Like Above
2. Open The Charles And Ninja Saga
3. Press BreakPoint And Log In Your Char, In Ninja Saga
4. Go Back To Charles And Press Execute 7 Times
5. Select , click edit reponse and click amf
6. Find The new_year_cloth_2012 And Change " false " => " true "
7. After You Click Execute UnPress The BreakPoint
8. Go Back To Charles And Press The BreakPoint
9. Press Execute 1 Time And Click Edit Response
10. Click AMF And Change The error " 8844 " To 0 And Change The Status To " 0 " To 1
11. Click Execute

Note :
This Is Only Temporary
Change All Errors Using Charles


Password in SWF, just  cut ? 

Christmas Package 2011

X'mas Hack 2011 | Ninja Saga

Charles Hack
Error for Jutsu Stage

One Hit Kill Yukidaruma Fiddler - Cielovers
Download : SWF File

X'mas hack  Flash Force

Download SWF File : Mediafire

Well protected SWF , so leechers , GTFO ~! Kiss my ass. XD


Fortuna Card | ThanksGiving 2011

  1. Draw
  2. click Excute 
  3. change Claim reward code = 8
  4. click Excute 
  5. and then you got 1000 token

    Thanksgiving Turkey Feast 2011 Hack

    Sunday, November 27, 2011

    "ThanksGiving Claim Panel"

    ID Set1 = ["hair_155_1" - "set1141" - "back274"]
    ID Set2 = ["hair_156_1" - "set1143" - "back275"]
    ID Set3 = ["hair_157_1" - "set1145" - "back276"]

    ID Set1 = ["hair_155_0" - "set1140" - "back274"]
    ID Set2 = ["hair_156_0" - "set1142" - "back275"]
    ID Set3 = ["hair_157_0" - "set1144" - "back276"]

    All In One V3.0 By K.A.H

    Now I will share the latest Hack By K.A.H 

    In Hack, there are many other features are: 
    1. Mission Hack For Exp (Lv52,Lv70)
    2. 4 Tp Mission
    3. All Examp Hack (chunin / jounin / special / jounin)
    4. Clan reward season 18 (not permanent )
    5. 100 Token (not permanent)
    6. Daily Task Complete
    7. Ultimate Npc 

    • Open ninja saga
    • Open Fiddler2
    • In Fiddler click autoresponder (which his lightning green icon)
    • Tick the box "Enable automatic responses" and also "Permit passthrough for Unmatched request"
    • Drop it. SWF file that you downloaded earlier to the column Autoresponder
    • Clear Browsing Data
    • Go To ninja saga and Click to Headquarters 
    • Enjoy the Hack

    How to Clear the cache:

    • For Mozilla Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Choose Network Tab -> Clear Now -> Click OK
    • For Google Chrome: Select the icon in the upper right corner (next to the stars) -> Options -> Under the Hood -> Clear Browsing Data -> Empty the cache -> Clear Browsing Data

    Enjoy The HackCredit : K.A.H (NsEditors) 

    NPC Ultimate Hack 2012

    Ninja Saga Hallowen Package Hack Permanent

    Ninja Saga PVP Oktober 2011

    Ninja saga Halloween Hack Permanent

    Want to upgrade your Pumpkin Power? Remember to upgrade your Pumpkin Power during this Halloween. So what are you waiting for? Go and get some now!



    Ninja Saga Hairstyle Hack

    Get a FREE Special Hairstyle when you purchase at least $9.99 of a SINGLE Token package from 19 September to 27 September. So what are you waiting for? Grab this offer now.


    Male -------> ID : 257 swf name :123_0
    Famale ----> ID : 258  Swf name :123_1

    Premium User

    1. Fiddler2. SWF

    Ninja Saga Hack 06/09/2011

    NS 06/09/2011 (

    Alat :
    1. Fiddler
    2. SWF
    1. Clear Cahce 1st
    2. Go to Academy for 40TP + Daily + XP & Gold Hack
    NB: Cheat tidak ada efek, berarti wajib Clear Cahce
    Clear Cahce: (Ctrl + Shift + Delete)


    Credits : NSPFC

    Alat :
    1. Fiddler
    2. SWF (Sorry no File here)

    1. Clear Cahce 1st
    2. Goto Headqure
    NB: Cheat tidak ada efek, barti wajib Cear cahce
    Clear Cahce: (Ctrl + Shift + Delete)

    New Cheat Gold & XP Hack Ninja Saga

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